Photos: Aylen Alvarez Is Literally Instagram Fire


Aylen Alvarez is lighting the Instagram world on fire, with more than three million followers on the ‘Gram. The fitness influencer has gained a loyal following on social media, sharing her passions, her workouts, and her love for fashion. Alvarez (now Davis) is also a Fashion Nova ambassador. Fashion Nova is the world’s leading quick-to-market apparel and lifestyle brand. It’s renowned for delivering the season’s most-wanted styles to millions of people worldwide and was the number one most-searched fashion brand on Google in 2018. Alvarez is Cuban and is one of the most popular urban models in the industry. KING magazine, as well as Hip-Hop, have featured Aylen Alvarez on their sites and pages. As she told Model Mayhem, “I’m up for just about anything! I love life too much to sit around and do nothing!” Let’s find out more about Aylen Alvarez.

Cuban fitness model Aylen Alvarez

Alvarez Is More Than Her Assets

Alvarez was born in Santiago de Cuba and began working with the ADM Celebrity Fitness Model & Talent Agency in 2005. She definitely paid her dues early on and was never content to just pose for pictures. Alvarez was determined to accomplish more. She competed in the Muscle Mania World Championship and in her very first appearance on stage, she placed in the top four, beating dozens of other girls who competed in the show. The event helped boost her confidence and led to shoots in a number of well-known magazines, including Lowrider and Hardbody. Alvarez has also served as a spokesperson for Alliance Entertainment Group from 2006 to 2010.

Aylen Alvarez |

The 49ers, Really?

Aylen Alvarez is one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram and shares Cuban roots with an all-time favorite urban model, Vida Guerra. We came across Aylen Alvarez from the flycandy page on Tumblr, where she’s shown cooking on a grill, wearing a Niners ball cap. With her dedication to fitness and her figure, we doubt if she is eating a lot of burgers and hot dogs. But we appreciate the look. But we have to bring it up, why the San Francisco 49ers? Alvarez has settled into her life in Miami, Florida, why not represent the Dolphins?

Interestingly, an infographic published by the website Athletic Business, the teams with the biggest female fan bases (as of 2017) are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and the Houston Texans. As New York Giants fans, we encourage Ms. Alvarez Davis to choose any one of these options.

Aylen Alvarez | Fitness Model

 In Conclusion

We wish Aylen Alvarez all the best in her life and career. Lastly, we encourage you to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.