Guess The Winning Mystery Booty of NFL Week 9 (2014)


Guess what, when Team Marin wins our unofficial team ambassador competition, our whole NFL Fantasy Football league wins. We wish we knew who this beautiful woman was. We would love to profile her on the site and prove the rest of her is just as gorgeous as this provocative pose. Unfortunately, the F&TS research team has come up empty. The closest hit we could track down is a comment stream on about the mystery booty. Unfortunately, the commenter did not identify themselves in the thread.

As you should know by now, we encourage the general managers in our Fantasy league to pick an unofficial ambassador for their starting lineups. It’s a fun way to hopefully bring some luck during our weekly matchups. At the end of Sunday night’s NFL games, the F&TS writing team picks one of the ambassadors from the winning GMs and profiles them on the site. Our past winners have included international models, actresses, reality stars, and female sports fans. The one thing our winners have in common–you can tell they’ve worked hard for their figures.

Booty Goals

It’s time to get a tad bit technical about achieving a great posterior. writes, “A strong and sculpted butt is the secret to improving speed, power, and overall sports performance. [A strong backside] also decreases your risk of injury. After all, your glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in your body.” So what exercises should men and women be doing to firm up their butts?

It starts with squats. Therefore, “Whether you love or hate ‘em, squats are one of the best butt exercises for strengthening your backside. Experts say that if you want to run faster, jump higher and lift heavier, squatting low is the way to go.” It’s all about repetition and getting that full stretch of those muscles to get your backside in shape

Booty Inspiration

Since we can’t track down the real identity of this week’s mystery booty winning model, we thought we’d rely on two of favorite female athletes for more booty insights. They are Bruna Lima and Paige Hathaway. Lima’s awesome glutes are the result of years of hard work in the gym. Her workout routine includes cardio, weightlifting, and stretching. Some of her favorite exercises to get her booty toned are hip thrusts, glute kickbacks, squats (naturally), and lunges.

According to our research on Paige Hathaway’s lower body workouts, she never skips leg days. She will skip rope to warm up and then do a series of squats, lunges, leg extensions, and curls. She’ll keep going with dumbbell swings and finally some step-ups. We’re tired just writing the routine.