72 Hours into the 2018 World Cup; Social Media Reacts


World Cup 2018 Results; Cristiano > Messi Debate Rages On.

The global debate for futbol dominance continues. The next thirty days in Russia could be the last World Cup appearances for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, these two titans of the pitch. Their futbol legacies are on the line. Ronaldo and Messi know it, their teams know it, and fans worldwide know it. Their first games couldn’t have been more different. ‘CR7’ scored a hattrick in Portugal’s draw against Spain. Messi, by contrast, missed a crucial penalty kick in a surprising draw against upstart Iceland. There is a lot of futbol to be played, but ‘CR7’ seems determined to change Portugal’s World Cup destiny.

The best result of the World Cup so far has been the Portugal/Spain draw 3-3 on Friday. Instagrammers @Awagame and @ESPN highlight our point extremely well. Thanks.

Red Card Worthy Penalty Kicks

We need to remember, futbol players, including Peru’s Christian Cueva are fallible. We may not understand how players miss a penalty kick, but it happens.


Could it be pressure? The Hollywood Reporter wrote this week that “When it comes to TV audiences, the 2018 World Cup looks set to break many all-time records.” [GlobalWebIndex] is forecasting total viewership of 3.4 billion, or nearly half the total world population of 7.6 billion, for the entire tournament. Those are a lot of eyeballs. Peru may be kicking itself in the arse for missing out on so many opportunities to win their match against Denmark or at least draw.

The Beauty of the Beautiful Game

One of the reasons FTS is such a huge futbol fan is its a good looking sport. Some of the most famous footballers in the world are runway-ready. Cristiano, James, Gerard Pigue, Robin van Persie could moonlight in the fashion houses of Paris and Italy. The European DTs dress in custom, bespoke suits and are stylish. But let’s keep it real, futbol attracts some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Here are some of our favorites as the World Cup kicked off.

Inés Sainz Gallo de Pérez is a Mexican journalist for Azteca Deportes. Sainz is a friend of First and Ten Sports who we’ve reported on and supported for years.


Si, Si Colombia

Janice Bencosme is a weather reporter, host, and television personality currently on Telemundo morning news program, “Un Nuevo Día’. It’s a much watch. We’ve also met the lovely Bencosme and if you can believe it, she’s more beautiful and charming in person. The gorgeous Dominicana competed in the “Nuestra Belleza Latina” for her home country in 2009. But, there are few women in the world who could make a Colombian soccer jersey look better.

We don’t let a futbol competition featuring the Colombian men’s soccer team go by without checking in on model Magda Angel. We wrote in our FTS profile, Angel is originally from Colombia. She started modeling at 16 when she entered a modeling competition and won. From there she competed in many teen pageants and did very well, but decided to make her way to the United States, even though she didn’t know anyone or the language.

She definitely made the right decision because her career has really taken off and seems to be growing day by day, Currently, she can be seen on the TV show DUB Latino on MUN2. She is also one of the beautiful Monster Energy Girls that you can find traveling around the states.

We found another amazing Colombian futbol fan. Whitney Adda Natalie️️ is a model and designer currently in Russia for the World Cup. Bring Los Cafeteros good luck on Tuesday parce.