Joselyn Cano Looks So Good in a Bikini, She’s Launched Her Own Line


Joselyn Cano, our favorite voluptuous vegan model is back with the launch of a swimwear and apparel line. We first profiled Cano as our Lifetime WCW pick in 2015. Three years later, her fame has exploded. Our Cano feature was the most heavily viewed article on First & Ten Sports. We’re sure you can see why. Joselyn Cano looks so beautiful and captivating in a bikini, she’s taken her dominance of the beach to the fashion world. Cano has launched Joselyn Cano Swimwear.

Cano Swimwear’s Story

Joselyn Cano Swimwear features “flirty, fierce, and luxurious styles that epitomize the glamorous lifestyle of every boss babe.” We have to admit, the Queendom bikini (the white bikini with cutouts in this video) is amazing. If your girl is in the market for a new beach wardrobe, take a look at Cano’s swimwear and coverups. Cano designed her apparel line to enhance the beauty of the feminine form while being comfortable. Props to her branding folks, we’d buy our girlfriend the ‘Unstoppable Skirt Cover-Up.’ It sounds and looks sexy.

The Good News Continues

Lowrider, Animate, Glimpse, and Heaven magazines have featured Joselyn Cano on the covers more than once. She comes from Huntington Beach, California, and has over 12 million followers on Instagram. Plus, her good news continues. Cano celebrated the birth of her daughter in 2017. The reception to her swimwear is going well. For example, fellow First & Ten Sports featured lovely lady Demi Rose has modeled for Cano’s swimwear line. Here is Demi Rose in a red Latin Queen monokini, photographed in Beverly Hills.

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