The Lethal Feet of Uriah Hall Won UFC Fight Night 75


UFC Fight Barnett vs. Nelson (also called UFC Fight Night 75) took place two nights ago at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. The card was stacked but F&TS was hyped for the Gegard Mousasi vs. Uriah Hall contest. Hall was a big underdog going into the match, but he’s a personal favorite. MMA and combat sports more generally, is a science. How to beat an opponent is a lot more technical than we think. But, let’s be honest–sometimes the best part of combat sports are vicious knockouts. UFC Fight Night 75 gave us one of the best double strikes in recent UFC history. Bleacher Report posted the perfectly executed kick and knee combination on Twitter. The lethal feet of Uriah Hall won UFC Fight Night 75. Dragon whips his tail indeed.

Bruce Lee Would Be Proud of Hall

BR wrote, “Hall drilled Mousasi with the kick and followed up with a devastating flying knee. Mousasi, remarkably, held on for a while, attempting to drag Hall down for a single-leg takedown, but the damage was done. Hall would continue throwing punches until the ref waved it off at the 25-second mark of Round 2.” Hall reminded fans how much of a beast he could be in the octagon. Mousasi dominated the first round, taking Hall to the mat and applied a couple of rear-naked chokes. Uriah Hall survived the first round and then turned in the highlight of UFC Fight Night 75. Mousasi deserves credit for having an amazing chin. But Hall’s kick was just an appetizer for his flying knee main course.

Knocked Out

One of the criticisms you hear about mixed martial arts is that there’s too much wrestling on the mat. Boxing fans, in particular, are more used to stand up fights with an exchange of blows. The patience and strategy it takes to get an opponent to the ground can seem tedious. But every once in a while, patience pays off and you get an energetic knockout. Nicely done Uriah. If you don’t recognize the “dragon whips his tail” line, what the hell is wrong with you? Go watch Bruce Lee in “Way of the Dragon” immediately.