Deflategate: Wells Report Finds Pats Abused Balls


Cheaters Never Prosper, Except the Pats.

Look, we get it. Only New Englanders who dream of Tom Brady waking up beside them in bed, believe that he played no role in Deflategate. Brady’s probably been deflating balls for years in hopes of gaining some sort of competitive advantage.

SNL Cold Open – Patriots Press Conference (January 25, 2015)

Enough is enough. The over-analysis by the networks, the 243 page Wells report, the press conferences, the denials and the punishments, it’s too much. Brady’s actions merited an eight game suspension. His four-game punishment will probably be knocked down to two on appeal. Brady should consider himself lucky. Can we get back to the important facts of the NFL, like Brady never defeating the Giants in the Super Bowl, the craziness of the hot stove, and if the Madden Curse will strike down Odell Beckham Jr?

Half the time we think the media just keeps talking about “Deflategate” for an excuse to come up with another balls pun or joke. We’re talking to you New York Post and New York Daily News. The most frustrating part of this Patriots debacle is how many times are fans going to fall for this? First, there was Spygate, the accusations of team communications never working at Gillette Stadium and now balls. What Belichick and Brady think is doing everything you can to win is flat out cheating. Get over yourself, admit that you play fast and loose with the rules and move on.

New York Daily News Defaltegate Back Page.


Belichick is quite the ballbuster according to the New York Daily News.