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NFL Hot Stove, The Giants’ Money to Burn on Defense

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Your Defense is Offensive.

What does $60 million buy in 2016? If you’re that guy they interviewed prior to the January 2016 Powerball, a bunch of hookers and cocaine. If you’re the New York Football Giants, it gets you a flashy new defense. Trust us, the team needed it.

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Spending Recap

A week into NFL free agency the Giants:

The mighty G-Men did not stop there, they restructured WR Victor Cruz’s contract and are hosting free agents OL Russell Okung and LB James Laurinaitis. Damn, we are broke, can Jerry Reese throw some paper our way?

The Giants are taking financial advice from Donald Trump. Got a problem, throw money at it. “It’s going to best front seven in the history of the league. It will be tall, beautiful and Mexico will pay for it.”

Rarely do these NFL free agent spending sprees work, just ask Daniel Snyder. When your defense ranked near the bottom of the league in four major categories, Giants owners Mara/Tisch and GM Jerry Reese needed to take action. The bullseye will be on that defense big time. They better not come up short.

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