The Packers and Seahawks Get the Tonight Show Superlatives Treatment


The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon debuted his latest edition of “Tonight Show Superlatives” on Wednesday night. The comedy bit pokes fun at NFL players from the forthcoming “Sunday Night Football” matchup. This week, The Green Bay Packers host the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field and Fallon did not pull any punches. The Tonight Show writers voted Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan “most likely to get sunburned by the moon.” Fallon said J.R. Sweezy, a guard for the Seahawks was “most likely to say, ‘As you wish, Master’ every time the quarterback calls a play.” Green Bay Packers defensive tackle BJ Raji, was voted “Most likely to be what Shaq looked like as a baby.”

The Tonight Show Back on Track

After Jay Leno’s second exit from The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had a daunting task in front of him. Bring stability and more importantly, innovative comedy, back to the program. NBC executive Lorne Michaels hand-picked Jimmy Fallon from the Saturday Night Live cast to first host Late Night before taking over at the network’s most coveted Tonight Show time slot. Since his debut, Fallon has brought his trademark frat-boy SNL funny to the Tonight Show. Plus you can’t overlook the impact his in-house band, The Roots add to the show. Fallon’s impersonations, enthusiasm, and writing staff is resonating with viewers again. If you believe the ratings.

What makes the superlatives segment featuring football players compelling is that the Sunday Night NFL package is a goldmine for NBC. The broadcast brings in huge numbers for the network and is serious business. For the network to allow Fallon to lampoon one of its biggest properties means they trust him.

NBC Universal | Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | 2015

Fallon Brought the Funny

Superlatives may be a glorified promo for “Sunday Night Football” on NBC, but at least it was funny. Sorry BJ, but Fallon schooled you. Russell Wilson did not fare much better. Wilson must have been the butt of plenty of jokes on Thursday after the segment aired Waving with only your fingers — that’s funny. Enjoy this edition of Tonight Show superlatives.