Stylish NFL Apparel for Women Is A Real Thing


Fandom comes in all shapes and sizes so theChive is celebrating the NFL with a gallery of beautiful women wearing team apparel. Jerseys look great on women, not so much on men. Guys, it’s time to step your sports fashion game. Please stop wearing a sports jersey when it’s not appropriate. For example, no more jerseys at the office and especially not on a date. Remember, you’re not the starting LG for the Jets. You are a grown-ass man. Find a more fashion-forward way to show team spirit without looking like you are wearing PJs. By the way, congratulations to the NFL for partnering with Kohl’s to design a line of team apparel for women that is actually stylish. Well done.

NFL Wives Model Team Apparel the Right Way

In the images below, Lena Ward (married to Indianapolis Colts COO, Pete Ward) models a Colts’ sweater that demonstrates her love for the franchise. Her philosophy on life is to challenge yourself, no matter what your age. On her right is Christy Cooley, wife of Washington TE Chris Cooley. That’s how you wear an NFL jersey.

Your Fashion Says A Lot About You

The team over at Bleacher Report has a great article on the dos and don’ts of wearing team apparel. B/R wrote, “guys have no excuse to ever wear a jersey outside of a football stadium, and women are allowed to wear a jersey outside the stadium for one reason only: if and only if they hook up with a guy at a bar and the next morning are allowed to work around the house with it on.” F&TS considers itself pretty stylish. Consequently, we suggest Joe’s Daily post on the NFL Hall of Fashion. A vintage tee, like the pictured navy Seattle Seahawks shirt is great way to keep your look fresh while remaining fashionable. If you’re lucky, the ladies will appreciate it too. Thanks to theChive for the feature on women wearing team apparel. It’s a great read. If you don’t visit theChive or follow them on social media…well there’s no helping you.