Tehmeena Afzal Is A Instagram Personality To Watch


Team Vega, one of the stalwart members of our Fantasy Football league hasn’t won a weekly matchup yet. But he did win our Money Maker Monday competition of Week 4 of the 2014 season. For the uninformed, our league GMs are encouraged to select their favorite beautiful model to serve as an unofficial ambassador of their starting lineup. If that GM wins their weekly matchup, we shout them out on this site and put together a profile on their choice. We go through this process because one, it’s fun, but also we hope the models we select bring us good luck. Vega may not have won his week, but his mystery image of Instagram model Tehmeena Afzal won the week. Good work Vega and who wouldn’t want to play this game of Jenga, minus the goofy white boy with his tongue out. Good bless the internet.

Originally, F&TS didn’t know who this mystery woman was. We dug through the bowels of the internet and discovered that the pictured lady is F&TS friend and hip-hop model, Tehmeena Afzal. Team Vega did not create the image. Some clever guy photoshopped himself doing random stuff into celebrity images. We have to admit, it’s pretty funny and even Afzal posted the edited version on her Instagram profile.

Instagram | Photoshopped

Tehmeena Is Diehard New York Sports Fan

Tehmeena Afzal grew up in Queens, New York, and is a superstar automobile sales and financing professional on Long Island. Afzal is Pakistani and grew up as a star softball pitcher. What a great cultural mix. Afzal has displayed both her New York Mets and New York Giants pride in photoshoots at promotional events at both Citi Field and Met Life Stadium. In fact, Tehmeena Afzal’s sports-themed pictorials are some of the most popular content on her Instagram profile. For the fandom alone, her profile should be a must-follow.

Back to the Jenga mashup, the original Afzal photo was from a shoot for Hip-Hop Lead.com. We get the joke, but why would you mess with such a great photo. It’s like trying to improve the Mona Lisa. Somethings should not be altered in any way.

Hip-Hop Lead.com | Tehmeena Afzal

Happy browsing and as always we wish Tehmeena Afzal continued success in her career and her side hustles. On behalf of two of our favorite sports teams, thanks for the beautiful support.

Genius Hip-Hop Model Tehmeena Afzal

Want to Play The Game

In conclusion, owners who want their team to be considered for Monday Maker Monday change your team photo to an image of a beautiful model who you feel could bring you some good luck. F&TS meticulously goes through the week’s nominees and post our winner every Monday.