Stacy Keibler Moves On From Clooney to Motherhood


Sure, Stacy Keibler missed out on being Mrs. Clooney this weekend, but her life ain’t all bad. Keibler has a new man, is a first-time mother, and still has her love of the NFL to keep her going. Before she was “famous” for dating Clooney, Stacy Keibler was a college student and Baltimore Ravens dance squad member. We will always have the memories of her hotness as a WWE Diva, actress, and Dancing with the Stars contestant.

Stacy Keibler Bikini photoshoot

Career Started In the Ring

Keibler first got the attention of hot-blooded 20 somethings as a valet/manager in World Championship Wrestling in 1999. She played the role of naughty secretary Ms. Hancock whose outfits were always short enough to accentuate her 41′ legs. WCW was acquired by the WWE in 2001 and Keibler debuted quickly after on Smackdown. Stacy became one of the most popular female performers on the program and had a long-standing love/hate relationship with fellow WCW alum Torrie Wilson. For five years, Keibler body-slammed and gyrated her body in a WWE ring before retiring from the ring in 2006.

Me in My Place | 2011 | Esquire | Stacy Keibler

After the Bell

The former dancer took a chance and sign up as a contestant on Dancing With the StarsMost of the national audience didn’t know who she was but when they saw her samba, Keibler became a fan favorite. Unfortunately, her popularity didn’t lead to a win. Keibler and her partner came in third, but her new fame led to television cameos and auditions for film roles.

In 2011, Stacy Keibler started dating notorious Hollywood bachelor George Clooney. The couple became a favorite of the gossip magazines and stayed together for two years. George and Stacey seemed destined to walked down the aisle, but broke up pretty publicly. Rumors circulated that Clooney’s Hollywood friends didn’t trust her intentions and that Keibler was pressuring Clooney to settle down and start a family.

The comfiest spoon ever. | Stacy Keibler.

The Clooney Aftermath

That spotlight must have been difficult to deal with. But Keibler is as tough as her wrestling persona. The former Ms. Hancock re-grouped after the break-up, met her future husband Jared Pobre, and started a family. Interestingly enough, since settling down, Keibler has been out of the public limelight. Well, Ms. Keibler, congratulations on motherhood and we hope you are happy, healthy, and healed from your time inside and outside the ring.