The Seahawks Versus Patriots Fight Capped Off an Unforgettable Super Bowl


A lot happened at the end of Super Bowl 49. The New England Patriots miraculously won the game. Seattle Seahawks’ Head Coach Pete Carroll made the worst play call in the Super Bowl history. Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler became an overnight celebrity for his game-clinching interception at the goal line and our buddy Rich lost our Super Bowl pool. Plus, in case you missed it, a huge brawl broke out. We’re not fans of the New England Patriots, but the Seattle Seahawks embarrassed themselves during the game’s final moments. When the Patriots were kneeling down to run out the clock, Seattle defenders tried to rush Tom Brady. It’s a fruitless attempt to cause a turnover. Not only was it unsuccessful, but it could also have gotten someone injured. The Seahawks suffered a debilitating loss, so we understand their anger. But a fight in the endzone between Seahawks and Patriots players is no way to end an unforgettable Super Bowl.

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