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Super Bowl XLIX Pool Blows Up in Richie Rich’s Face

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Like a Kick in the Nuts.

As kids, Super Bowl XLIX would have been an instant classic. The game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots was filled with drama, excitement, controversy, and unforgettable images. Unfortunately, as we get older, the Super Bowl Sunday becomes a gut-wrenching quarter by a quarter act of torture. Why, because of the high stakes involved in Super Bowl pools based on team scores. For Rich, one of the OGs of our fantasy leagues, he was millimeters away from winning his biggest pot of the night. And then this happened….

Rich had selected boxes 1 and 8 for his final score in our pool. If the Seahawks had handed the ball off to Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’ Lynch for the game-winning touchdown, Rich would have won big. Instead, all he could do was lick his wounds.

Good Play Call or Bad Play Call?

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll is catching a lot of heat for choosing to pass the ball into the end zone. The team was in the midst of a brilliant two-minute drive led by QB Russell Wilson. There was even a miracle reception like in the Giants victories against the Patriots. A Wilson pass for WR Jermaine Kearse was nearly batted away by CB Malcolm Butler. But the ball floated in the air and Kearse caught the ball while he was on the ground. Seattle was on New England’s five-yard line. On the next play, Lynch nearly scored but was tackled on the half-yard line with less than a minute left. Simple decision, run or pass? Carroll called run and Beast Mode was tackled at the half-yard line. Then the hard coach decided to pass. WTF?

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman’s sideline reaction will go down in SB history. Rich, we are speechless. All we can say is better luck next time.

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