Seattle Seahawks Fans Want to Breakup Russell Wilson and Ciara


There’s a reason why the origin of “fan” is fanatic. In the latest episode of taking your sports fandom gone too far, news broke on the Internet that Seahawks fans have started a GoFundMe campaign to break up Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his talented girlfriend R&B singer Ciara. ForTheWin and Mashable reported Seahawks fans want to raise $50,000 to revitalize Ciara’s recording career and make her too busy to date Wilson. The Seahawks are off to an 0-2 start to their season, after this weekend’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. The 12th Man believes Ciara is a bad luck charm and ending their relationship is the only way to get Seattle back on track.

Sports fans are a trip. High-profile relationships don’t jinx professional athletes. Since when is the love of a good women a bad thing? Has Gisele Bunchen prevented Tom Brady and the Patriots from winning games? Seattle fans are probably hoping to replicate what’s happened to ‘Future.’ Ciara and rapper Future called off their engagement earlier this year, and Future is now the hottest artist in the game. He’s released new mixtapes and received critical acclaim for the hottest album of the summer. Meanwhile, the Seahawks are 0-2.

Courtesy: New York Daily News

Wilson and Ciara Deserve a Chance

Leave the new power couple alone. Russell Wilson and Ciara seem happy. Plus, Wilson’s 15 minutes of fame are almost up and he needs to take advantage of his fortune as long as possible. Back on the football field, there are reports of infighting amongst Seahawks players based on Wilson’s squeaky-clean image and huge contract. Defensive captain Kam Chancellor remains a holdout. The Seahawks lost their defensive coordinator to the Atlanta Falcons and Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch has slowed down. We expect Wilson’s career to be similar to Randall Cunningham. It will feature moments of amazing athletic talent, but not good enough to win the big game.

The Aftermath

Updated: ForTheWin reports the Ciara GoFundMe campaign has been removed from the site. At the very least, we can always enjoy this gallery of Ciara’s images.