The Neymar Transfer to PSG Reshapes the Soccer Universe


This summer’s transfer window in international soccer was unbelievable to begin with. Mexican striker Chicharito Hernandez went to West Ham for £16 million. Theo Hernandez went to Real Madrid for £26 million. Plus, Victor Lindelof was transferred to Man U for £40 million. But the news of the Neymar transfer has reshaped the international soccer universe for years to come. Neymar, the uber-talented Brazilian striker, left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain. The $263 million transfer fee was more than twice the previous world record. That’s a lot of money, but the futbol world has been asking, what led to the 25-year-old superstar to leave La Liga and Barca?


Superstar Teams Aren’t For Everyone

FC Barcelona was a futbol powerhouse and featured one of the most potent scoring trio in the world–Suarez, Neymar, and Messi. The futbol world has been speculating that Neymar wanted to be his own man, a solo star. Neymar has denied the rumors. Instead, he said about his decision, “I wanted something bigger, a bigger challenge.” My heart wanted a new ambition, that’s why I’m here in front of you. This is what my heart told me to do. I listen to my heart every day. And my heart told me to go to PSG.”

Courtest: FC Barcelona News

Messi has come to define futbol globally and the younger Neymar might have been looking to escape Lionel’s huge shadow. Neymar will certainly have more freedom. He will have the opportunity to dominate the French League and reunite with one of his closest mates. Dani Alves joins PSG from Juventus.

Who Wins the Champions League

The Neymar transfer news ireshapes the power rankings at the top of the Champions League. The path for a third straight Liga trophy for Los Blancos seems guaranteed. We spoke to fellow futbol writer Don Aguero about the Neymar transfer and he said, “Real Madrid can be considered the #1 club in the world right now. With Barca on a decline expect Real to be firm favorites for the UCL title again.” We expect the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry to continue for at least for another year in the UCL.

We also predict Real Madrid will win a third trophy. Cristiano continues to win scoring titles and Zidane has breathed new life into Los Blancos. We are certainly intrigued by Neymar’s presence on Paris Saint-Germain. If his play is anything like his first half against Colombia in last week’s World Cup qualifying match, competition for team and player supremacy will be intense.

Images courtesy of and the PSG Instagram page.