New Saints RB Adrian Peterson Throws Shade at Sean Payton


We don’t want to say we told you so, but when 10-year veteran and former All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson signed with the New Orleans Saints, we thought, “WTF.” Peterson wants to be fed the football constantly–he believes it gets him into a proper rhythm. For example, when he broke the 2,000-yard mark in 2012, he had 348 carries. As a new member of the New Orleans Saints, the relationship between Adrian Peterson and head coach Sean Payton is off to a rocky start. Before halftime of Peterson’s return game to Minnesota, he threw crazy shade/side-eye to Sean Payton. At the time, Peterson had only rushed for 16 yards on five carries.

ESPN cameras caught the sideline confrontation but there was no audio from the staredown. Suffice it to say, the two weren’t making dinner plans. It’s safe to say that All Day is a bit of a diva.

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Peterson and Saints Don’t Fit

Adrian Peterson proceeded to follow head coach Sean Payton for several yards, eventually getting the coach’s attention. When Payton turned around, Peterson dropped a “feed me or else” face.

Sean Payton is best known for his innovative, passing offense that exploits matchups. His offense runs multiple schemes, formations, and personnel packages. He doesn’t rely on one featured running back. Just ask all the Fantasy GMs who have drafted New Orleans Saints’ running backs in the last few years. This marriage was doomed to fail, but we didn’t think it would be so soon. CBS Sports wrote, “The honeymoon didn’t last long in New Orleans for Peterson, who already appears to be causing issues on the New Orleans sideline. This probably will not end well for multiple parties.”

If you need a great track to go with your own confrontation with a rival or enemy, listen to SideEye by the homie Rob Scott. He’s supremely talented.

The Backtrack from Adrian Peterson

The volatile Saints’ running back tweeted late Monday night that the relationship with Sean Payton is “all good.”