The Sexiest Instagram Moments of Natalie Gauvreau


Gauvreau is Hot Enough to Make an Eskimo Sweat

Natalie Gauvreau may get a bunch of new neighbors soon if the U.S. continues to be so crazy. Gauvreau grew up in a small town five hours outside of Toronto, Canada, and currently resides in the big city. If we needed another reason to move, running into her at Tim Horton’s could make us pack our bags right now. One of the most popular Instagram models going, Gauvreau is one of six children and has three sisters, and twin brothers. We imagine Sexy Nat G’s sisters are just as gorgeous. Good genes tend to run in families. Let’s meet Natalie Gauvreau and view some of her sexiest Instagram moments.

Playful Past

Gauvreau told Crave online that in high school she was constantly sent to the principal’s office for violating the dress code. “I think they made up a new dress code policy just for me!” She added, As long as I can remember I’ve always been a little troublemaker in school and a bit boy crazy! Even in kindergarten, I remember the boys running away from me when I would chase them around the sandbox.” Count us in, we love sandboxes.

What She Looks For in a Man

Sure, we think we’d have a shot with Sexy Nat G if we met. But before you get too ‘stalkie,’ the glamour model has some advice. Her favorite color is pink and she likes men who give great massages and wear suits. Her favorite food is Italian and she binge-watches reality tv shows. Also, if you take a look at her Instagram feed, she wears workout clothes 80% of the time. So guys, start working out, learn how to cook Italian, get a massage table, and suit up. Might we suggest Tom Ford, Suit Supply in NYC or Ted Baker. We wish Ms. Natalie Gauvreau all the best as her Instagram fame blows up.