Mohamed Sanu Is a Better Quarterback Than Andy Dalton


The struggles of Cincinnati Bengals’ starting quarterback Andy Dalton and the versatility of one of his prime targets could be causing a quarterback controversy in the locker room. Once again wide receiver Mohamed Sanu is showing he’s a more capable quarterback than Dalton. Sanu is five-for-five with 177 yards and two touchdowns in his Cincinnati career as a passer. He very well could be the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. No other passer in the history of the league has a career 100 percent completion percentage. Sanu has even completed a touchdown pass this year to Andy Dalton in a complete role reversal. But is Sanu’s success really causing Bengals’ coaches to re-think who should lead the Cincinnati offense? Let’s do an unscientific comparison.

Andy Dalton scores on a touchdown pass from Mohamed Sanu. 

Dalton is Consistently Inconsistent

The Cincinnati Bengals selected Andy Dalton in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft. Since being named starter he’s been a winning quarterback for the franchise. But, the winning has not extended into the playoffs. Dalton earned a Pro Bowl selection in his rookie season in 2011, as he threw for 3,398 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. He also led the Bengals to the playoffs. But he’s never won a playoff game. At his best, Dalton is an above-average starter, who can lead a team to victories. Unfortunately, he is prone to make that one mistake that prevents the Bengals from reaching a more elite level. For example, while the Bengals won 11 games last season, Dalton threw 20 interceptions.

Sanu is a Dual Threat Baller

Mohamed Sanu has legitimate quarterback skills that have earned him the trust of multiple coaching staffs. He played some quarterback in college, where he was eight-for-18 for 207 yards at Rutgers University. He served as the emergency quarterback for the Bengals for years, often lining up in the Wildcat formation. In fact, Sanu’s touchdown to A.J. Green against Washington came out of the Wildcat formation. A lot would have to happen for the Bengals to make such a radical change at quarterback, but Sanu’s versatility needs to be taken advantage of.

Michael Conroy/Associated Press