Lisa Ramos Is The New York Mets Good Luck Charm


Ramos is an Amazing Queen from Queens

Express Written Consent, the entertaining talk show produced by Major League Baseball, had the stunning model and television personality, Lisa Ramos on as a guest. EWC host Jeremy Brisiel (JB) and Ramos sat down at Citi Field on September 23. The New York Mets were playing the Atlanta Braves in an important NL East matchup at Citi Field. During the chat, Ramos discussed her collaboration with the ASPCA and her love of animals, as well as her latest projects and photoshoots. When the conversation turned to baseball, Ramos, who grew up in Queens, revealed how tough it is to be part of a family with divided New York baseball loyalties. Ramos’ grandfather is a diehard Mets fan, while other family members are Yankees fans. For the evening, Lisa Ramos served as a New York Mets good luck charm.

The Show Went On

Ramos served as a guest on-air correspondent for the day. She tested New York Mets “super fans” knowledge of their team and asked them to make the best home run calls. The highlight of her correspondent work may have been meeting Pin Man, a Mets superfan. Pin Man is a staple of Mets home games and has been to more than 100 games in his life. JB and Ramos also engaged in a fun game of Start, Bench, and Cut. JB asked Ramos which famous Lisa would she Start, Bench, or Cut from Mona Lisa, Lisa Simpson, and Lisa Kudrow. All in all, the night was great fun and successful.


Ramos Still Makes Time for Sports

If Ramos looks familiar, it’s because she’s everywhere. Since appearing on MTV’s Guy Code, Ramos has moved into project development and acting. She co-produced her own comedic web series. She then collaborated with Univision’s first bilingual network The Flama, for a series called Secret Life Of Babes.” The series features the Queens native as the primary host and actress as she hilariously narrates the episodes aimed at Latino millennials.

When she is not on set, the hard-working model is traveling around the country for photoshoots, red carpet appearances, and live events. To catch a glimpse of her latest shoots, check out, Cosmopolitan for Latinasand COED.comFrom the red carpet to working with the charitable organizations she is passionate about, Ramos keeps a busy schedule. One of her favorite things to do to unwind is watching a Mets with her grandfather. The Ramos patriarch’s favorite player is impending free agent Daniel Murphy. Let’s hope the Amazin’s resign him in the off-season.

First & Ten Sports believes in transparency and we have collaborated with Ms. Ramos for several years. Let’s hope Ramos continues to inspire wins out of the Amazin’ Mets. Update: It is working, The Mets are NL Champs and going to the World Series!