A Kendra Lust SFW Gallery For Your Pleasure


This week’s winner of our MMM competition is Team Vega and his inspirational model Kendra Lust. If you “Google it,” you will see that Ms. Kendra is pretty infamous for her work in film. But for the purposes of First & Ten Sports, we are going to keep our gallery of Kendra Lust safe for work (SFW). If you didn’t notice, Kendra is a sneakerhead and is wearing custom Jordans in our feature image. Shame on you if you didn’t call them out, but we don’t blame you. Kendra Lust’s other bodily assets are very distracting.

Why Kendra Lust Keeps Fit

Kendra Lust is an athlete at heart. She grew up in Michigan playing basketball. Even today, she still keeps up with the NBA in between her travel and shooting schedule. The former nurse works in a hardcore industry with a demanding work schedule and long nights. So, Kendra constantly workouts for the energy boost and to make sure she looks great from all angles. Kendra, it seems like your fitness routine is working for you, you look great.

Lust is branching out from her work in front of the camera. She currently owns her own production company, Lust Army Productions that produces and distributes content featuring some of the well-known performers in the industry. Kendra is building an empire to live well beyond her time as a full-time performer. Smart move.

Stuff of Fantasies

Good luck to Team Vega in his head to head matchup against Team Marin. After Sunday’s action, the Fantasy Football ‘market’ has seemed to correct itself and Pablo is having a big scoring week. As always, to be considered for Money Maker Mondays in our league, upload a photo of a beautiful woman with great assets as your team logo. The unbiased editorial team of First and Ten Sports will select one winner and post the selection every week.