Katie Nolan Talks Backup QBs on Garbage Time (2015)


Garbage Time Is Must-See TV

Katie Nolan is one of F&TS’ favorite sports journalist/personalities. If you not watching Garbage Time with Katie Nolan on Fox Sports 1, there’s something wrong with you, and not in a good way. This week, she and her hysterical crew tried to unravel all the quarterback turnover in the NFL for Week 3.

If you’re late to the Garbage Time party, The Atlantic said, “Since it debuted in March [2015], Fox Sports 1’s Garbage Time With Katie Nolan…is a freewheeling talk show, airing every Wednesday at midnight, and stands out as much for its humor as it does for its willingness to tackle tough topics such as domestic violence and mental illness.” They added, For now, Garbage Time is a lovable underdog, and Nolan is the ideal host, but she’s definitely on the rise: She just launched a popular new podcast and currently boasts 158,000 followers on Twitter.”

Nolan On the Rise

Katie Nolan joined Fox Sports 1 in 2013 as a digital correspondent for the sports and pop culture show Crowd Goes Wild. Katie also produced and hosted her own FoxSports.com digital show, No Filter, covering daily sports topics with her distinctive brand of humor. As her following has grown, the opportunities for more television time has grown exponentially. Nolan began her media career in Boston, starting her own blog while bartending, and would go on to work for Guyism, part of the Fox Sports Yardbarker network.


Bears and ‘Boys In Trouble

The dominating storyline of the 2015-16 NFL season so far has been the number of backup QBs getting reps. With all the madness and new starters, sometimes it makes sense to break out the whiteboard, the dry erase markers, and maybe a Venn diagram. In particular, the Dallas Cowboys are facing a huge challenge for the remainder after losing Tony Romo. Brandon Weeden will be the starting quarterback for the Boys going forward. He gets his first start of the season in Week 3 against the Atlanta Falcons and there are quite a few question marks about what the team should expect from him.

With Tony Romo recovering from a broken collarbone, many Cowboys fans gave up on the season. He will miss at least the next eight weeks of the season, leaving the Cowboys post-season hopes in Weeden’s hands. Good luck.

Brandon Weeden | Getty Images

After losing starting quarterback Jay Cutler to a hamstring injury, the Chicago Bears will start Jimmy Clauson against the Seattle Seahawks. Clauson will face an aggressive Seattle defensive line and the vaunted “Legion of Boom” Seattle secondary. Sunday’s game could get ugly for the Bears. NFL signal-callers are going down quicker than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the polls. Yeah, that’s right, we also follow politics. The Cowboys and Bears fans should be worried about their teams from the look of these images.

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Ms. Nolan, thank you for the perspective and the comedy. Make sure you follow her exploits on all her social platforms.