10 Million Reasons to Love Amanda Lee Beyond Instagram


Amanda Lee Conquered Instagram on Her Terms

You’re officially a big deal when you amass more than 10 million followers on Instagram and another million on Twitter. Amanda Elise Lee is more than Instagram famous, a pretty face, and a ripped physique. Lee has leveraged her popularity into one most successful fitness careers in the world. Talk about taking control of your life on your terms.

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The Slow Grind

Lee hails from Canada and as late as 2013, was just a hard-working personal trainer, Pilates instructor, who majored in modern dance at Saint Lawrence College. Lee saw that fitness professionals were blowing up online. Models including FTS favorite Paige Hathaway and Jen Selter were leveraging their social media following into huge commercial opportunities. Lee just didn’t know-how. But that all changed with one image.

She told Men’s Health in August 2017…“I was a personal trainer [and] I started training this girl, Michelle Game, who was a hip-hop video model. She had 80,000 followers at the time, and one day she asked to take a selfie together. She posted it and tagged me and my page blew up, and people were asking for my workouts, to purchase workouts, stuff like that.”

Inc. reported in 2016, Lee earns $3,000 to $5,000 per [social media] post. She will only publish roughly one post per week, as engagement and authenticity are important for building and maintaining a hefty price tag. According to Lee, social-media celebrities get paid based on a combination of followers, Likes, and engagement.”

10.6 K-What’s Next?

Fitness model success is not as simple as it would seem. Lee works out at least three to four times a week eats protein with every meal and avoids white sugars and bread. Lee explains her rise to Instagram fame, “It’s the kind of thing where girls like to follow you to figure out how to mimic your routine. Guys will follow because you look good and post sexy photos. Mine is actually the fastest growing fitness page. Everyone wants to have a nice butt right now. Because I post a lot about butt workouts, I think that people relate to it and it’s something that’s very on-trend right now.”

In the near future, Lee plans on releasing a sportswear line, expand the reach of her booty shaping instructional workouts, and is transitioning the Amanda Lee Instagram page to a members-only website. It looks like her success will sustain itself for years to come. Good luck Ms. Lee on all your success. We respect your grind.