Ines Sainz is the All-Time Queen of Super Bowl Week


Yes, we know the Super Bowl LI is on Sunday, February 5. By 11:30 PM EST, we’ll know whether the Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots are the champs. The game will be an exciting climax to another drama-filled regular season of American football. But, in our modern era, the pre-game hype and media days are as important as the final score. We wonder why? Broadcast journalist and television personality Ines Sainz could be one of the reasons why Super Bowl week has skyrocketed in popularity. If you don’t know, Ines Sainz is the star of NFL Super Bowl Media Day.


Talent and Beauty

Sainz is one of the most beautiful sports personalities in the world, most recently in November 2016 by Men’s Fitness. She is the current host of Impacto Deportivo on TV Azteca, primarily covering futbol, golf, tennis, and the NFL. Sainz grew up in a family of three siblings in Mexico City. She was a self-described tomboy (if you can believe it) and earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 14. But she couldn’t stay an ass-kicking martial artist forever. With encouragement from her mom, she started modeling at 16 and shot commercials for Bacardi, Hoteles Misión, and Telcel. Sainz is not only easy on the eyes but has become a charismatic interviewer that athletes trust. She’s interviewed sports icons including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Manny Pacquiao.

A Personable Queen

Often, the U.S. media can get caught up in the physical appearance of female correspondents for the sports networks. Sainz has both benefitted and been the victim of her notoriety and good looks. But she takes it in stride. According to the Palm Beach Post, at the 2007 Super Bowl Media Day, Sainz was photographed as often as Peyton Manning. But, during a period when Terrell Owens was not speaking with the press in 2008, it was only Sainz who was able to gain an exclusive interview with the wide receiver.

Sainz and I have exchanged tweets and IG messages with and from our brief conversations, she is gracious and appreciative of her fans’ support. Hey, when you are cat-called and harassed by unnamed Jets players during a media day in 2010, you could be standoff-ish. Thankfully for us, Sainz rolls with the punches. We wish her continued success and safe travels.