Ines Helene IRL is More Captivating Than Her Instagram Profile


Fantasy Football is back and as a league, we select beautiful women to profile and who serve as weekly ambassadors for our teams. We call them our Money Makers, and we celebrate them on Money Maker Mondays.  It was a tradition we started last year and if it ain’t broke, we don’t try to fix it. Team Marin’s inspirational model is model Ines Helene. The “Swedish Unicorn” as she is known to her rabid followers, is a fan of Rihanna and penguins. As you can see, Ines Helene is officially Instagram Hot. She joins our archive of beautiful models, females athletes, and celebrities whose beauty inspires greatness.

Helene is More Than Meets the Eyes

Helene is a fitness model, a finance student in England, and obviously, is drop-dead gorgeous. But she is more than just a beautiful woman. Helene sat down with Playboy for an in-depth interview and revealed a lot of information about her upbringing. She speaks four languages and her favorite authors include Margaret Atwood and Orhan Pamuk. Helene actively works with charities including World Aids Active and her family were refugees from the Balkans before settling in Sweden. The continued instability in the region continues to touch her close to her heart.

Ines Helene acknowledges that when you are ‘Instagram Famous,’ and officially Instagram hot, you can be labeled. Helene has faced down online hate and called a “hip-hop” groupie because allegedly Drake and the Weeknd have slid into her DMs. The beautiful model takes her fame in stride while focusing on moving forward. Here at First & Ten Sports, we don’t hate on the ladies. All we do is salute them on their hustle and wish them the best in all future endeavors.

Ines Helene is earning much more than she would be making if she was living in Sweden and working a regular job. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million. That’s a big difference, but she is very private, so it’s not easy to come by this kind of information.