FFL: Owners, Welcome to Fantasy Draft Night


Time to Separate the Winners from the Losers.

Friday, September 4 was FTS’ 2nd Annual Fantasy Draft Night and the trash talk began even before the countdown clock hit zero. Last year’s champ, Team Weiss declared victory already and called his expected win the start of a dynasty. The Commish, who was kind enough to host the draft night festivities, already loves his draft and hasn’t even made a first-round pick. Teams Rich and Vega still don’t know what the hell they’re doing and attend solely for the free food, beer, and liquor. Team Marin, that is run by the FTS head writer, picked sixth. He did not do well, according to ESPN’s final grades. Can you say C-?

FX The League | Cast Tebowing

Other Notes from Draft Night

Team Corn owner Michael was able to join the festivities in person and thankfully did not auto draft this year. If ESPN is to be believed, he could have the inside track to winning the season. His draft lineup received an A-. His first pick was Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell, who is suspended for the first 2 games of the regular season but is expected to be a fantasy stud. Corn’s starting QB is Drew Brees and his WR1 is Brandon Marshall. That is an impressive trio of picks. We may have to watch Team Corn’s progress closely. Stay tuned for more updates during the season.


No, Hooters did not sponsor our draft night, nor cater it. But if you wanted to see some big hooters, some of our league’s team owners are really out of shape and have man boobs. Let the losing commence. If you are in a fantasy league, tell us some of your favorite draft night rituals, must-haves, or traditions.