The Hottest Pictures of Women Wearing Football Jerseys


Sorry to break it to you fellas, but American football jerseys aren’t sexy. Men wear them for comfort, not for the sex appeal. But our opinions on jerseys completely change when football apparel is worn by beautiful female fans. For some reason, that team apparel looks a lot better on the fairer sex. When we are talking about football and jersey, F&TS ain’t talking about the Garden State. Although, there are gorgeous New Jersey women. For example actress Katrina Bowden is ravishing. We’re talking about models and fans who show their team love by wearing their apparel better than even the players. Our friends over theChive put together a list of beautiful fans of both NFL and college football teams. Enjoy our selection of the best pictures of women in football jerseys from the gallery.

Bowden Ready for Her Close Up

30 Rock‘s Katrina Bowden is a Jersey girl, who grew up in Wyckoff. Bowden plays the role of Cerie, Liz Lemon’s sexy yet incompetent assistant. In the 2012 horror movie, Hold Your Breath, Bowden took center stage as the film’s lead actor. Good for her. If you needed further proof of Bowden’s appeal, Esquire magazine voted her the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ in 2011.

Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Pictures


Here’s a fun fact about the Pittsburgh Steelers. The official Myron Cope Terrible Towel was created to appease department store owners who were upset their yellow and black hand towels were sold at a rate disproportionate to the matching bath towels. Apparently, there is another use for the ‘terrible towel.’ The beautiful young lady in the black tank top can use it to dry off her cleavage. Oh, the college days. We were all young once.

Tennessee Titans


During the Titans run to Super Bowl XXXIV, Tennessee defeated the Buffalo Bills in their wild-card matchup with a controversial kick off return now known as the “Music City Miracle.” The Bills scored a good-ahead FG with 16 seconds left in the game. The score was 16-15 and would end after one kickoff and tackle the Bills’ special teams unit. Instead, Buffalo ran a pooch kick. FB Lorenzo Neal fielded the kick and handed it off to TE Frank Wychek. Wycheck then threw the ball to the other side of the field where WR Kevin Dyson caught the ball and ran it back 75 yards for the win. The Bills haven’t reached the playoffs since. We’re pretty sure the model pictured didn’t watch the game live, but this is one hot picture of a woman in a football jersey.

LSU Tigers


The LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger, (a real tiger, by the way) is kept in a pen in the back of the stadium. Before home games, he’s placed in a cage near the visiting team’s locker room to intimidate as they enter the field. Mike may be a famous team mascot, but we think this LSU fan is the real Queen of the Jungle. Click here to see the rest of theChive’s hottest pictures of women wearing football jerseys.