Geno Smith Couldn’t Figure Out A Time Zone, Late for Team Meeting


Just when you thought the New York Jets’ blowout 31-0 loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday was the low point of the weekend, rumors about the work ethic of their rookie quarterback could be even worse. Geno Smith was benched at halftime after completing just 4-of-12 passing for 27 yards with one interception in the first half against San Diego. Well, it turns out the poor play of Geno Smith might be explained by the West Coast time zone.

Are you still confused? Let us explain. Geno Smith and at least one other New York Jets player missed Saturday’s team meeting in San Diego because they were at a movie. This could only happen to Gang Green. New York Daily News Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta broke the story on Twitter.

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Smith Was At the Movies

When the Jets are on the west coast, they set their schedules to east coast times. Head coach Rex Ryan said the team even goes so far as to change the clocks in their hotels. But because cell phones adjust to local time zones, there can be confusion. Rather than be with the team, Smith and another Jets’ player were watching a movie outside of the team hotel. When they finally realized they were in the wrong place, Smith ran back to the hotel. He arrived 5-10 minutes after the meeting had ended. He refused to say what movie he watched during his post-game comments, but we hope it was worth it.

Smith met with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to get the first 15 plays and the rest of the game plan before sitting down to watch film with quarterbacks coach David Lee.

Smith added about his time zone confusion, “I counted down instead of counting up and just got the times mixed up. So I guess you could say I was thinking I was on east coast time when we were actually on west coast time,” Smith said. “That was just my mishap. It really had nothing to do with the times zones; I’m aware of that. But for that moment, I got that mixed up.”

Rex and Teammates React to the Missing Smith

Jets’ Head Coach Rex Ryan said the incident did not make him think about benching Smith to start Sunday’s game. But this is not a good look. Smith has the lowest Total QBR (24.3) of any starting quarterback in the league. Plus he was caught cursing out a fan within the last week.

Linebacker Demario Davis said about the loss, “Right now we’re not practicing like a championship football team,” Davis said. “I take responsibility for that because I expect guys to do what I do. If we’re not giving effort in practice, that means I’m not giving the effort in practice. I feel like film study needs to be increased.” It looks like the Jets are studying film, just not the right one. Center Nick Mangold said Smith’s teammates weren’t upset by his absence, but that it was also “unacceptable.”

Geno Smith may think it was an innocent mishap, but how difficult is it to figure out a time zone? This could only happen to the New York Jets.

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