Julio Jones Traded for Aaron Rodgers & Jeremy Maclin — Only in Fantasy Football


Much like Team Marin, The Commish is 0-2 and desperate for his first win of the NFL fantasy football season. But rather than trust his drafting strategy, the Commissioner has made an impulsive move. The Commissioner and Team Burgess have agreed to a fantasy football trade. Team Craig traded his No.1 wide receiver, Julio Jones, to Team Burgess for two players. The Commissioner receives Green Bay Packers‘ quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Believe it or not, there are fantasy football trade value charts available online. But from the looks of this trade, the Commissioner did not use one. Let’s analyze who won this exchange of premier playmakers.

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Julio Jones Is A Fantasy Stud, But

We have to say, this is a power move. No doubt, Julio Jones is a beast and the Atlanta Falcons‘ best offensive player. Over the first two games of the season, Jones has averaged 20 fantasy football points a game. Depending on the trade value chart you use, a top NFL receiver has a trade value between 50 to 75. But in order for the trade to make sense, the values of the players exchanged should not exceed the value of your own player. Aaron Rodgers has averaged 23 fantasy points over the first two games and his fantasy trade value is somewhere between 26 to 38.

Maclin is off to a slow fantasy start over the first two games of this season. He’s averaging five fantasy points a game and his trade value is approximately eight. So even being generous, the Commissioner did not receive enough in return for Julio Jones’ anticipated production this season. The Commissioner is banking that Rodgers will have an elite level fantasy year. That’s a huge risk.

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The Commissioner’s Thoughts

F&TS has reached out to Team Craig for comment. However, the Commissioner is surprisingly quiet. He usually never shuts up about his team or his fantasy football maneuvers. The Commish must be trying to keep his hand close to the vest, or he could be on the can, dropping a deuce. Sorry Commissioner, but looking at our tale of the tape, you made a bad fantasy football trade.

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