Our NFL Fantasy Football League Week 3 Predictions (2014)


Yes we know, we are breaking the rules. We’re not supposed to talk about our Fantasy Football league but screw it. We’re crunching the numbers and publishing our NFL Fantasy Football predictions for Week 3 of the NFL season. There are two battles of undefeated fantasy general managers and if the current projections hold, only Team Velez and Team Marin will be perfect by Tuesday morning. All of sudden, Team Dick is on a hot streak. Team Dick (also known as Richie) is a habitual fantasy football loser, so we suspect foul play. F&TS suspects a ringer is helping Rich with his starting lineups. We have dispatched our intrepid reporter Mike Hunt to the South Shore to investigate further.

In this week’s battle of the winless, Team Brandi could get off the snide, finally. However, Team Weiss’ season may be slipping away. Lastly, we will be watching one matchup in particular, besides our own contest. Team Vega is projected to tie Team Marino.


Fantasy Bragging Rights Are At Stake

The complete breakdown of the matchups includes; Team Marin defeats Team George (101-96). Team Marin moves to 3-0 in this season’s NFL Fantasy Football league play. The Commish is projected to lose to Team Dick (111-114). South Shore Rich moves to 2-1. Catch Me I’m Ballin’ led by Joel defeats Team Mario (100-92) to remain undefeated.

If our NFL Fantasy Football predictions are true, Team Brandi will beat Team Weiss (116-113) to pick up their first win of the season. How crazy would it be if, Team Vega does tie Team Marino at 93 points? Hey Commish, how do we break ties? The last matchup is between Team Corn versus Team Mike & Brian (76-131) Mark and Brian move to 2-1. Good luck to our fellow general managers.

In conclusion, being perfect will feel really good. We will be praying to the NFL Fantasy Football gods to make sure these predictions remain true.