Our NFL Fantasy Football League Standings After Week 1 (2014)


Week 1 of the NFL is in the books and it’s a good time to look at our Fantasy Football league standings after this past weekend’s slate of games. Remember, there are no ties in fantasy football, only winners and losers. Plus you’ll encounter plenty of trash talk, big stakes, and tears when your team loses. In one of our marquee matchups of Week 1, Commissioner Craig, the San Francisco 49ers fan of the league, beat Josh by nearly 20 points. Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions was the Commissioner’s top fantasy football player of the week. Johnson had two touchdowns and 164 yards receiving in a Monday night win at home over the New York Giants. In our standard scoring league, Johnson earned the Commissioner 28 points. That’s quite a haul from your No. 1 wide receiver. The Lions defeated the Giants 35-14.

The extra salt in the wound is that as we mentioned, Craig is a 49ers fan. He hates Big Blue, while Josh is a huge Giants fan. So not only did the Giants lose, but they gave up 28 fantasy points to Megatron.

Monday, Sept. 8, 2014. (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)

Cordarelle Patterson Was Dreamy

Mario G., one of the newest members of the league, beat Team Brandi scoring a total score of 111 points. Team Mario got outstanding contributions from his running backs, Le’Veon Bell and Marshawn Lynch. If F&TS were league commissioner we would dock this pair points for their lack of creativity on team names. In summation, Commissioner, you’re not doing your job.

In the week’s third head-to-head matchup, Rich’s ‘SUH girls 1 Cap’ lost to Joel and his ‘Catch Me I’Ballin’ team 100-67. Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton and Minnesota Vikings receiver Cordarrelle Patterson were huge contributors to Joel’s team. On a side note, GM Larry didn’t even know who Cordarrelle Patterson was, but Larry also thinks Molly is only a girl’s name. Larry, we recommend you listen to more hip-hop music and a little less Billy Joel.

Nov 16, 2015; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) throws a pass in the first half against the Houston Texans at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A Win is A Win


In another matchup where team names should not be mentioned, George beat the duo of Mike & Brian 114 to 87. George dominated the week with the historical performance of tight end Julius Thomas of the Denver Broncos. Thomas scored 28 fantasy points for the week. Look out for George fellas.

Paul’s Fantasy team beat Larry’s squad by seven points, thanks to big contributions from Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford. Larry was hurt by the New York Giants defense and would have lost by more, except Paul made the bonehead move of the week. He started running back Bishop Sankey over Shane Vereen.

Team Corn, which I believe auto-picked his fantasy football roster, was the Biggest Loser of the week with a grand total of 57 points. Corn left running back Chris Ivory and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin on his bench. Those benchings cost him 31 fantasy football points. Ouch.

Our Fantasy Football Standings

In summation, Craig, Mario, Joel, George, and Paul are undefeated in our fantasy football standings after Week 1. GMs Josh, Larry, and others have a lot of catching up to do. See you next week.