The Trade Rumors Surrounding Drew Brees Intensify


Could Brees Be on His Way Out of the Big Easy?

The New Orleans Saints traded TE Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks on March 10. The move sent shockwaves around the league, but are the Saints ready to make an even bigger move? In the past 24 hours, rumors about a potential trade of quarterback Drew Brees intensify on sports radio by the minute. The Saints have already released a number of high-profile veterans to save money under the team salary cap. But is the team willing to move Drew Brees for even more cap flexibility?

It Just Business, Right

Drew Brees’ contract is huge, but he’s also pay dividends for the franchise. Brees is scheduled to become a free agent in 2017. But before Brees goes to free agency, he will count $30 million against the Saints salary cap. SBNation wrote, “the five-year, $100 million contract signed by Brees in 2012 has a base salary that has increased in each year, beginning with $3 million in the first season. [From there, his annual salary climbs] all the way to $13.55 million this season and $19.75 million in 2016. If Brees isn’t willing to take a hometown discount, his time with the Saints could be through.”

New Orleans Saints, Who Dat Pregame Chant

Brees Is A New Orleans Institution

This news sucks and if we were Brees, we’d take it personally. Brees, almost single-handedly, has revitalized the Saints and the city of New Orleans. Since Brees’ arrival, the team won its first-ever conference championship and Super Bowl title. John Deshazier of wrote in 2016, Before Brees was signed, between 1967 and 2005 [the Saints had] seven winning seasons, five double-digit winning years, and played in six playoff games. [With Brees under center, the Saints] have compiled five winning seasons, five double-digit winning years, and been in 10 playoff games. Post-Katrina, Brees became one of the city’s champions. His foundation rebuilt and recreated schools, parks, playgrounds, athletic centers, after-school and mentoring programs. Brees’ pre-game ‘Who Dat’ chant became a symbol for the recovery of the region and the Saints’ ascent to respectability. He deserves to retire as a New Orleans Saints. Will the trade rumors surrounding Drees continue to intensify or die down?