The Internet Trolled Dirk Nowitzki for his New Haircut


Take it from someone who’s had bad haircuts, when they go wrong, you will be ridiculed mercilessly. But I have to say, the trolling of Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks by his teammates is just wrong. Mavs forward Chandler Parsons told the Dallas Morning News about the Dirk Nowitzki new haircut, “It’s so bad,” Parsons said. “He came in here, too, feeling himself, thinking that we were going to love it. Everybody, we had ball boys crushing him, from coaches to everybody on the team.” But really, how bad is his new style? Have you seen his former hairstyle when he is sweating on the court? Nowitzki looks like a wet dog. The shorter style is an improvement.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.22.05 PM

The Worst Haircuts in the NBA

Bleacher Report counted down the 25 worst haircuts in the NBA a few years ago. We think it’s time to update the story. Have you seen Jeremy Lin’s gel-upped mohawk hairstyle? It’s something.

One of the worst hairstyles we’ve ever seen on an NBA court was Moochie Norris. The former Houston Rocket’s afro was bad. And not in a good way. As B/R wrote, “Donning an afro isn’t at all taboo, but Moochie Norris’ should be. His hair looks more like its suffering from detrimental humidity than anything. His unfortunate grimace here doesn’t help his case either. Norris’ hairstyle looks like a pad of Brillo that has been used countless times. Given the amount of money he was making, he could have at least sprung for the more refined S.O.S. pad look.”

There’s always Chris “Birdman” Anderson.

Nowitzki Mistaken Identity

We have seen worse hairstyles around the NBA. Honestly, the Dirk Nowitzki new haircut does not make him look like Ellen DeGeneres. Nowitzki looks like character-actor Barry Pepper’s long lost twin. Take a look and thanks to Complex magazine for setting us straight. 

Barry Pepper