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Deflategate Update: Tom Brady Needs to Grow a Pair of Balls

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The fallout from Sunday’s AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts has intensified. Since Sunday, ESPN and other media outlets have reported 11 of the 12 footballs used by the New England offense were altered at halftime. The media is calling the latest Tom Brady scandal, Deflategate. The AFC championship game before a raucous, rain-soaked crowd Sunday night. As a result, the Patriots allegedly under-inflated Brady’s footballs so they could be easier to grip and throw. What else can we expect from the Patriots and their culture of cheating?

On Thursday, both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady held press conferences in response to Deflategate. Their explanations were meaningless. Brady asserted he had no knowledge of the ball issue. Belichick blamed science for the balls naturally losing pressure. Opinions will vary, but we believe the league should vacate the victory and award the game to the Indianapolis Colts immediately. Plain and simple. There is no room in the NFL for teams that fiddle with their balls. And yes, insert your “ball joke” here.





Deflategate Recap

The NFL concluded that 11 of the New England Patriots‘ 12 game balls during the AFC Championship game were inflated significantly below league requirements. The Patriots game balls were properly inflated two hours before kickoff, according to an NFL inspection two hours before kickoff. ESPN Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City reported that the Patriots’ footballs were tested at the half, reinflated at that time when they were found to be low. So apparently the footballs were deflated, at some point after the first inspection and the start of the game.


Walks Like a Duck

Hopefully, the shiny veneer of Patriots superiority is finally over. Belichick and his cronies are as crooked as Governor Chris Christie’s traffic patterns. Spygate, stealing offensive play calls, and now Deflategate. The mystery of how the Patriots have been so dynastic has been solved, they cheated.

Belichick can make all the confusing arguments he wants. Brady can parade his pretty face up to the podium and try to play innocent, but the jig is up. The organization knows they can’t compete on a level playing field, so they developed a whole playbook on how to cheat and win. It’s up to the NFL to throw that book at them now.

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