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Blondes Have More Fun — Brunettes Prove It’s Not True

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It’s time to settle the age-old debate, who has more fun, blondes or brunettes. Actually, scratch that. F&TS is not in the business of dividing our readers into silos. We don’t discriminate when it comes to our appreciation of the fairer sex. Blondes and brunettes each are a lot of fun. But the longevity of that stereotype brings up interesting sociological questions about why the debate even came up in the first place. You’ve heard or seen the tropes before. Brunettes are perceived as the smarter hair color, while redheads get to be seen as feisty. Blondes are usually the butt end of bad jokes. Phrases like “Dumb blonde,” and a “Blonde moment” get thrown around a lot. These concepts are completely outdated, but let’s delve deeper.


Can Science Explain Blonde Stereotypes

Elite Daily examined some reasons why blondes may actually have more fun. According to the article, blondes have more fun in the bedroom. “Studies show that over 36 percent of men prefer flaxen-haired beauties in bed, while only 31 percent are all about girls with dark hair.” We are highly skeptical of this study. Moreover, how much of the preference for blondes come from the stereotype about blondes itself? It’s a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The ‘blondes are more beautiful’ belief could be in fact, DNA-based. Caucasian blondes — at least, the ones that were born blonde and not the ones that have a love affair with bleach — have slightly higher estrogen levels than brunettes, so they are more likely to exhibit more feminine facial features, like a small button nose, pointed chin, silky skin and way less body hair. But again, what is considered more feminine could come from cultural norms.

Brunettes Aren’t Always Intense


Marie Claire wrote an article about what men typically think about women. It said, “brunettes are mysterious and intimidating. I couldn’t find a brunette with the same cultural impact that, say, Marilyn Monroe had for blondes. But I noticed most famous dark-haired classic women — such as Jane Russell and Audrey Hepburn — smiled less frequently than Marilyn did in pictures, so they appear pensive and mysterious.” Brunettes constantly have to deal with being considered uptight. But how do we explain the success of brunette female comics and actresses? Sarah Silverman and Whitney Cummings are two of the funniest comics in entertainment. And both are beautiful.

Let’s All Get Along


In conclusion, it’s better when we all get along. Blondes and brunettes are each fun in their own way. So don’t discriminate, appreciate beauty no matter what the hair color. Plus remember, we all look the same in the dark.

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