Andre Johnson Leaves Game With Concussion After Big Hit


Sports fans can be rabid and fanatical, but for the most part, no one roots for player injuries. But, in the interest of covering the unique aspects of the NFL, we’re posting the biggest hit of Week 14. Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith crushed Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson with a helmet-to-helmet hit near the goal line. Johnson’s arms and body locked in place, a sure sign he suffered a concussion. The hit is now considered illegal, but what’s scarier is that within my lifetime, this was considered a football play. Hell, the NFL used to celebrate the biggest hits of the year. Before the advent of YouTube and highlight shows, the NFL sold VHS tapes called the NFL’s Greatest Hits.


The Big Hit Looked Ugly

Johnson caught a pass in the red zone and nearly had a touchdown when he was hit from the side. The hit knocked the ball loose and knocked his helmet off while Johnson stayed down on the field. Thankfully Johnson was able to walk off the field after the big hit. As fans and a member of the NFL amateur sports media, we wish him a speedy recovery. No joking in this post, just a reminder that football can be a violent sport. We typically don’t see athletes’ arms lock that way unless they are in a boxing ring. Also, Johnson is a big part of Houston’s offense, with 65 receptions for 720 yards and two touchdowns on the year. He had four catches for 17 yards Sunday before leaving the game.

Remember the Time

We prefer to see to highlights of Johnson catching touchdowns or fighting former Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan. had an interesting analysis of the fight. They wrote, “You gotta love Johnson’s half-hearted apology in the postgame locker room when everyone in the stadium, including the guys in both locker rooms, knew Finnegan absolutely deserved it. Thousands of wide receivers had fantasized about going off on Cortland Finnegan before that day. Andre Johnson was special enough to live the dream.” This is the kind of big hit we’d prefer to see involving Andre Johnson.