Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse, NFL Remains Silent


The NFL is starting to look more like Rikers Island more than a professional sports league. Minnesota Vikings’ star running back Adrian Peterson is in trouble with the law. Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse, according to TMZ. Allegedly he disciplined his son with a tree branch or as original gangsters call it, a “switch.” In statements released to the media, Peterson’s attorneys said, “The charged conduct involves using a switch to spank his son.” He becomes the second high-profile running back to be under investigation by the authorities. Peterson’s surrender comes on the heels of the Ray Rice domestic abuse incident involving his girlfriend.

Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

Peterson Issues Statement About Child Abuse

Through his attorneys, Peterson made additional statements about the incident in question. According to media reports, Peterson is cooperating fully with the authorities. Peterson used his own judgment to discipline his son. Beyond these allegations, Peterson believes he is a loving father. His attorneys said, a switch was used on Peterson when he was growing up in East Texas. Therefore, he feels it’s an appropriate form of discipline for his own children. However, child abuse charges could force Adrian Peterson to re-examine his theories on the use of a switch.

Fantasy Football Implications

Owners, you should bench “AD” this week in your leagues. Update: According to various reports, Peterson won’t play on Sunday. The NFL has placed Peterson on the ‘Commissioner’s Exempt’ list going forward. The Minnesota Vikings will not have their All-Pro running back in the backfield going forward. The NFL will also face media scrutiny going forward. The illegal personal behavior of these high-paid football players is putting pressure on Commissioner Goddell. The public is demanding the league discipline players severely when they get in trouble with the law.

The Longest Yard

In brief, the location for the 2015 Super Bowl could become Sing Sing Prison instead of Phoenix, Arizona. Or perhaps the NFL is trying to reboot The Longest Yard movie again. F&TS has some advice for potential inmate Adrian Peterson, “don’t drop the soap.”