Vontaze Burfict Injured Himself With A Dirty Hit


It’s official, the dirty tactics of Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict are out of control. During Week 6, several Carolina Panthers players accused Burfict of trying to injure quarterback Cam Newton and tight end Greg Olsen. This week, an attempted Vontaze Burfict hit on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck ended up doing more damage to him than anyone else. The often-fined linebacker was injured when he dropped his head and put the crown of his helmet into Luck’s chest. Burfict was diagnosed with what coach Marvin Lewis called a “cervical strain.” He did not return to the game.

Burfict is a talented and aggressive playmaking linebacker who drives the Cincinnati defense. But he’s one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. He’s a cheap shot artist and a repeat offender who needs to be more severely disciplined by the league.

Associated Press

Burfict Has Been Dirty Since High School

Burfict has received multiple fines from the league, but up to this point has not changed his “aggressive” style. In just one Week 3 game against the Packers in 2013, Burfict hit wide receiver James Jones and was flagged for unnecessary roughness and struck tight end, Ryan Taylor, in the groin. Taylor was penalized during the game, but the NFL gave Burfict a $10,000 fine after replays showed what made Taylor so mad in the first place.

Against the New York Jets later that 2013, Burfict hit wide receiver Stephen Hill with the crown of his helmet on a tackle. The signs of being a dirty player date back to his days as a star recruit in California. The top two recruits in California for the class of 2009 were Burfict and Mater Dei quarterback Matt Barkley. The pair of five-star prospects met for games against each other. From archival videos, it certainly appeared as though Burfict aimed to hit Barkley in the knees.

Years later, Barkley held a grudge over Burfict’s play in high school and accused him of attempting to injure him. “He’s a dirty player,” Barkley told the Los Angeles Times before the two were set to meet in a game in college. “His switch is always on. And it’s not a good switch.”

There is no room in the NFL for assholes trying to end players’ careers. By the looks of his preferred moves, Burfict must be a fan of pro wrestler Kurt Angle. That is quite the ankle lock on Greg Olsen.