The Fantasy Football Playoffs Are Set


White Boy Politicking.

After 13 weeks of intense competition, trash talk, big hits, and big booties, the fantasy football playoffs are set. It’s time to separate the men from the boys. The four owners going to the big dance are unique and on opposite sides of the color spectrum. Without getting too political, it’s a race war.

In the first matchup, Team Brandi and Team Weiss (Caucasians) rode long winning streaks to secure playoff spots. After going 0-4, Brandi went undefeated for the rest of the season. Team Weiss stumbled out of the gate losing his first two weeks but wasn’t defeated again until Week 12.

Our money is on the white guy.

Mano a Mano

The second matchup pits the two “Papi Chulos” against each other, Team Velez vs. Team Marín. That’s right, the Latinos/Hispanics are going head to head, machete to machete. The ladies will be hot, the dance moves will be on point, and no one will understand a word they are saying. Joel and Pablo were consistent fantasy studs. They never lost more than two games in a row. They drafted well and make key pickups from the waiver wire. It should be an exciting matchup.

Ay Carajo!

To the rest of the league that will sit on the sidelines, better luck next year, I am available to give you fantasy advice at a rate of $150 an hour. In this battle of white vs. brown, only one owner will be able to claim their prize and more importantly – bragging rights for the whole year. Good luck!