Dallas Cowboys’ Inmates Officially Run the Asylum


Updated: America Needs a New Team.

Roger Goodell and the NFL should ban the Cowboys from calling themselves ‘America’s Team’. How much longer should fans tolerate Dallas’ underachieving players and their senile owner? Speaking objectively–the Dallas Cowboys have been dysfunctional for at least 20 years. SB Nation reported an amazing fact about the Cowboys lack of playoff success. The Jacksonville Jaguars have more playoff wins than Dallas since 1997.

The Cowboys greatest accomplishments seem to be enabling improper/illegal player behavior and enabling a team without discipline, structure, and victories. Let’s review what’s been going on with this traveling circus.

Mistake after Mistake

In the off-season, Dallas didn’t re-sign 2014’s leading rusher DeMarco Murray. They elected to use a running back by committee featuring Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden. How effective was the Randle promotion? The team cut the running back in November after just two games. Randle was facing a suspension for a violation of the league’s personal conduct code. In an ultimate show of desperation, Jones also signed the volatile and violent Greg Hardy as a free agent.

The Hardy signing looks worse because of his frequent sideline outbursts and arguments with Dez Bryant, coaches, and the media. It doesn’t help \when owner Jerry Jones refers to Hardy as a ‘team leader‘. This week, perennial malcontent Dez Bryant blew up in the locker room at a reporter and just today, Hardy had to be separated from teammate Demarcus Lawrence on the sideline. The Cowboys are less disciplined than a room full of two-year-olds throwing temper tantrums.

Oh the Pain

Let’s not forget, The Cowboys are also dealing with injuries to QB Tony Romo. The offense has lost two running backs to injury and performance and Jason Garrett lacks the authority to stop the bleeding. This couldn’t happen to a better organization. Thank you, NFL Gameday for analyzing the Dallas crap show this morning.