Vikings’ Teddy Bridgewater Suffers Horrific Knee Injury


Teddy Bridgewater, the Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback, suffered a horrific knee injury at Tuesday’s team practice. Just 30 minutes into practice, Bridgewater dropped back to pass, planted his foot, and immediately went down to the turf. It was a non-contact injury, but afterward, Bridgewater immediately reached for his left leg.

Bridgewater on the field after suffering a head injury in a game versus the St. Louis Rams.

The Devastating Teddy Bridgewater Knee Injury

The Vikings statement revealed Teddy Bridgewater suffered a complete tear to his ACL and other structural knee damage. The doctors revealed there was no nerve or arterial damage and surgery will be scheduled within the next few days. The Vikings expect Teddy to make a full recovery, but his rehabilitation will take a great deal of time. Bridgewater was taken off the field in an ambulance to the hospital, as his teammates looked on in sorrow and with fear.

“We’re not going to stick our heads in the sand, tuck our tail between our legs,” Zimmer said about the bind Bridgewater’s injury could put the team in. “We’re not going to make excuses.

Minnesota’s Next Steps

Even though Bridgewater only threw 14 touchdowns last year, he paced a run-first offense that helped the Minnesota Vikings win the division and come within a missed field goal of beating the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. Over his first two seasons, he passed for more yards than any quarterback in Vikings history over the same time frame. He also has the highest completion percentage (64.9) of any quarterback over his first two seasons in NFL history.

In the meantime, the Minnesota Vikings will start Shaun Hill in Week 1 of their season. Furthermore, Minnesota may bring in former New York Jets’ signal-callers Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith for tryouts, according to media reports. The Vikings’ other options include free agent Tim Tebow a trade for San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick. Fantasy Football team owners should adjust their draft boards this week.

Players React on Twitter

No one likes to see anyone get hurt on the football field, so when it happens, you can generally count fellow players to express support. to have your back. Teammates and opponents posted messages of support on social media.