The Bella Twins are Super Bowl Ready


Hello Sports Fans.

The Bella Twins of the WWE and Total Divas are ready for the Super Bowl. Are you? If you don’t recognize these amazingly stunning twins, the sisters were a professional wrestling tag team for the WWE. Here are some additional fun facts from

They’re half-Mexican, half-Italian.

Nikki and Brie, The Bella Twins, are a saucy mix of Mexico and Italy. Their father is Mexican and their mother is the ‘Italian’ in the family. We wonder if that means the Bellas can cook. That would be an interest fusion of flavors.

The Bella Twins used to be the World Cup Twins for Budweiser.

After an appearance on a Fox reality show, the Bella Twins were hired to be the World Cup Twins for Budweiser and were even photographed holding the World Cup trophy!

They’ve both been WWE Champions.

In April 2011, Brie won the Divas Championship, then Nikki won it a year later in April 2012. Nikki, the oldest sister, is a two-time Divas champion.

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