Shaqtin A Fool: Volume 5, Episode 1 (2015)


A Weekly Episode of Shaqtin A Fool is Must-Watch

The Big Aristotle finally proved he is funny. Shaquille O’Neal is the newest member of TNT’s Inside the NBA crew and has a unique analytic style. He’s not as funny as Sir Charles Barkley or even-tempered as Kenny “the Jet” Smith. For example, how many times can Shaq say “barbeque chicken” in one night? But Shaq Diesel has found his sweet spot on TNT’s post-game coverage of the NBA. Shaqtin a Fool is one of the funniest fails segments in sports. A weekly episode of “Shaqtin A Fool” has become must-watch television for any sports fan. Shaq Diesel may be annoying, but the episodes are comedy gold. We will be sharing the Shaqtin A Fool weekly segment regularly during the NBA season. Thanks for funny Shaq. Our choice is number five, Terrence Ross who doubled his pleasure with his dribble.


Why so Hateful to Shaq?

First & Ten Sports came of age in the late ’80s and early ’90s. That era played a big role in our sports fandom. We hate the Yankees because of their front-running fans and dominance. We love the Giants because of LT and Bill Parcells. Watching the NBA, we became die-hard Knicks fans thanks to Ewing, Starks, and their rivalries with the Pacers, Bulls, and Heat. All of sudden, Shaquille O’Neal was dominating the league. He was raw, athletic and always played his best against Patrick Ewing. It was one of the reasons we hated his success. His Orlando Magic squad became elite as the Knicks aged out. Then Shaq went to the Los Angeles Fakers. Together with Kobe ‘The Black Hole’ Bryant and Knicks nemesis, Phil Jackson, they won multiple NBA championships. He even won another championship with Pat Riley and the Heat. Damn you. It’s hard to forgive Shaq, but he keeps calling out the ridiculousness of player fails and we will give him a pass.