Shaqtin A Fool Episode Four, Volume 5 (2015-16)


It’s that time of the week again. Weekend sports warriors around the globe get to laugh at professional NBA ballers who are better than us but still make fools of themselves occasionally. This latest Shaqtin a Fool episode has an international feel. Brazilian Lakers guard Marcelo Huertas may want to try soccer because his basketball skills were lacking. Especially on defense. Also, Polish Wizards center Marcin Gortat must have taken up martial arts in the off-season because the man can tumble. Shaq is right, Huertas may have the inside track on the Shaqtin a Fool MVP, But it will be hard to wrestle it away from Dion Waiters. Take a look at the Diesel’s choices and vote for your pick at

Who is Tragic Bronson?

The Tragic Bronson alert used to be reserved for only big men. However, Waiters seems to be determined to the club’s select membership. ‘Tragic Bronson’s etymology is a bit of a mystery and can be a challenging topic of discussion at the barbershop. Most Shaqtin a Fool fans have figured out that it’s a nickname for Shaqtin MVP and nemesis, JaVale McGee. 

But where did the name come from? Our best guess is that it is a combination of two monikers, Tragic Johnson, the name Magic had to live down after his 1984 Finals performance against the Celtics. Second, we all know Shaq is a huge rap fan and thinks he can rhyme. He must be a fan of MC and foodie, Action Bronson.

For this Shaqtin a Fool episode, a Tragic Bronson alert could have been used on Tim Duncan or Chris Kaman. But both big men avoided even more embarrassment for their fails. Thanks to TNT’s Inside the NBA for the latest Shaqtin a Fool episode. We can’t wait until next week.