Shaqtin A Fool Episode Seven, Volume Five (2015-16)


It’s that time of the week again. Weekend sports warriors and basketball fans around the globe get to laugh at professional NBA ballers who are better than us but still make fools of themselves occasionally. In this latest Shaqtin a Fool episode Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkey break down the five best fails from this week in the NBA. TNT’s weekly Thursday night NBA coverage has become must-see television viewing for sports fans. Inside the NBA is extremely informative, pointed, and funny. Plus, one of these days, Barley and Shaq are going to get into a brawl. And their battle will be glorious.

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Perkins a Repeat Shaqtin a Fool Offender

Current Brooklyn Nets center Andrea Bargnani is a genius and an innovator. Not only did Bargnani trick the Toronto Raptors into paying him an obscene amount of money for zero production, but he also convinced another NBA franchise to sign him to a contract. On the court, Bargnani has not lived up to his number one draft pick status. But who else could travel and throw a pass out of bounds all on the same play? That takes real Italian ingenuity and talent. This week’s Shaqtin a Fool episode also includes nominates a courtside fan at the Lakers game who got too ‘hansy’, Shaqtin repeat offender Kendrick Perkins, and a rare ten-step travel by John Henson of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ten steps are impressive. Someone might want to check the eyesight of the NBA referees in this game. Someone had to have seen something. Thanks to the dailybasketball channel on DailyMotion for posting episode seven of Shaqtin A Fool. The voting for this week’s top Shaqtin play is still open. Head over to and cast your vote for the worst NBA fails of the week.