The NY Giants Free Agency Priority is Defense, Thankfully


What does $60 million afford you in 2016? If you’re that guy they interviewed prior to the January 2016 Powerball, a bunch of hookers and cocaine. If you’re the NY Football Giants, it allows you to purchase a flashy new defense by free agency. The Giants defensive line will look dramatically different next season. They now have a projected starting defensive line compromised of Vernon, another recent signing in Damon Harrison, Johnathan Hankins, and Jason Pierre-Paul. The NFC East is not a strong division, and the Giants are making a play to take control of it.


NY Giants Free Agency Tracker

Olivier Vernon as a member of the Miami Dolphins | Al Bello/Getty Images

A week into NFL free agency the New York Giants have been one of the busiest teams in the league.

The mighty G-Men did not stop there, they restructured the contract of wide receiver Victor Cruz contract and are hosting free agents Russell Okung, and James Laurinaitis. Damn, we are broke, can Jerry Reese throw some paper our way? The Giants must be taking financial advice from candidate for President Donald Trump. Got a problem, throw money at it. “It’s going to best front seven in the history of the league. It will be tall, beautiful and Mexico will pay for it.”

Rarely do these NFL free agent spending sprees work, just ask Daniel Snyder in Washington. When your defense ranked near the bottom of the league in four major categories, Giants owners Mara/Tisch and GM Jerry Reese had to take action. The bullseye will be on that defense big time. If the team fails to improve after all the addition in free agency, NY Giants coaches could lose their jobs.