NBA Over/Under Win Totals Released–Place Your Bets


It’s the Golden State Warriors and Every Other Team.

It’s time to get your bookie on the line and make bad financial decisions about the NBA. The Westgate in Las Vegas has released it’s Over/Under projections for all 30 NBA teams. So if you’re into NBA win totals betting, pay attention. Thanks to the USA Today “The Big Lead” for tweeting out the full projections. A few of the projections that stood out–the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors’ expected win total number is 62.5. The Atlanta Hawks are expected to lose the most games in the league. Their number is 23.5, followed very closely by the Sacramento Kings at 25.5. Man, who knew former Hawks’ PG Dennis Schroeder was such an impact player.

Follow the link to the article to see all the projections. Sorry if we didn’t include your favorite team in our slideshow. Nothing personal, but we all have short attention spans. We pulled out the win totals for the five most popular teams in the league. How are we measuring the most popular teams in the league? Simple, we researched the franchises with the highest number of Facebook fans.

Go NY Go NY Go!

We wear our East Coast bias on our sleeves, so we pay special attention to the hometown New York Knicks and to a lesser extent the Brooklyn Nets. The Knicks have finally built their team around a young core. They have a new coach (David Fizdale) and if you believe in the summer league, they got a steal this off-season’s draft, rookie SF Kevin Knox. But those are the positives.

Unfortunately, with this team, they’re always negatives. One, James Dolan is still the team owner. Two, potential superstar Kristaps Porzingas is out until at least Christmas recovering from knee surgery. Those factors led Vegas to put the Knicks number at 29.5.

F&TS Bets

If we had more disposable income and could get to Vegas quickly, we may put down some dollars on these picks:

Brooklyn Nets: Over/Under 32.5

Under. Until the Nets prove they can win more than 33 games, we have no faith in their organization or talent. I mean Spencer Dinwiddie is talking trash about being the better team in New York. Please. Neither the Knicks or Nets are expected to finish the season above .500.

Toronto Raptors: Over/Under 54.5

Under. Nick Nurse was promoted as the team’s next head coach. Plus, the Raptors have a new core of talent. Gone is DeMar DeRozan, in his place is malcontent Kawhi Leonard. Leonard is an upgrade when healthy, but he hasn’t played on an NBA court in over a year. Also, he has expressed any commitment to his new team past this season. This a bad mix. The Eastern Conference is weaker, but we don’t expect the Raptors to be a top contender anymore.

Denver Nuggets: Over/Under 47.5

Over. The Nuggets quietly won 46 games a season ago. The team continues to mature around a young core lead by G Will Barton and big man Nikola Jokic. They’ve added depth in the backcourt with the addition of G Isaiah Thomas and let go of veteran Wilson Chandler. They are hoping that the continued development of Michael Porter Jr. and the addition of Thomas makes them legitimate Western Conference contenders. We think they could win 50 games.

Quick Hits

  1. Los Angeles Lakers: 48.5/Under
  2. Indiana Pacers: 47.5/Over
  3. Utah Jazz: 48.5/Under