A Blown Pass Interference Call Cost the Detroit Lions a Playoffs Win


The Detroit Lions were eliminated from the NFL playoffs thanks to a controversial call by referees during this weekend NFC Wild Card game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The loss will not be the headline of the story. The horrendous non-call by NFL referee Pete Morelli and his officiating crew will be. With every bad call by the referees during the NFL postseason, the musings and rants of sports conspiracy theorists gain more legitimacy. After seeing the call, we are becoming believers. There’s is simply no logical explanation for the blown pass interference call costing the Lions a playoff victory.

The Referees Screwed the Lions

The Detroit Lions were leading the wild card game 20-17 with 8:25 left in the fourth quarter. On third and one, Matthew Stafford attempted to connect with Lions’ tight end Brandon Pettigrew for a first down. During the play, Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Anthony Hitchens seemingly interfered with Pettigrew’s attempt to make the catch. As you can see on the replays, Hitchens never turned his head to play the ball and made contact with Pettigrew early. Initially, Morelli correctly called pass interference on the Dallas defender. Detroit should have earned a first down deep in Cowboys territory with a chance to score a go-ahead touchdown. But inexplicably, the game officials reversed the call — according to Fox Sports.

Conspiracy Theories May Be True

The interference on Pettigrew was very blatant. Why did the referees cost the Lions a huge playoff win? We have theories. First, a Dallas Cowboys win guarantees higher ratings for FOX for the NFC Divisional Playoff game next week. Second, the Cowboys’ owner is so desperate for success, especially in the playoffs, he paid off the referees. Third, let’s keep it real, the referees played the under. Lastly, the NFL league offices are Republicans who love watching the bromance between Jerry Jones and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

ESPN Personality and Michigan native Jemele Hill posted a hilarious tweet about the non-call after the game. This Detroit Lions blown pass interference could only be explained by a Buffalo Wild wings commercial.