The James Harden I Shoes Leaked–WHAT ARE T-H-O-O-O-S-E!


This week, the internet got its first look at the new James Harden signature sneakers by Adidas. The reviews are in. The sentiment is the Harden I ‘s are atrocious. The leaked image could be of a prototype shoe. Hopefully, there are great colorways in development. But, right now, the James Harden sneakers are a complete failure. They remind me of the kid at the park who forgot his sneakers and played basketball in his black Timberland boots.

An article by Sneaker Reporter said Adidas and Harden will offer “take-down” versions of his signature sneakers and off the court options as well. The off-court versions could change up the material for a lighter feel or altering the uppers for a more casual look. Adidas wants the Harden line to have both on-court and off-court appeal.


Mugatu Designed the Harden Sneakers

Remember the movie Zoolander? The Harden I sneakers may have been designed for Mugatu’s “Derelicte” collection. If you need a reminder, watch the movie clip. So let’s get this straight, Adidas designs a pair of “poo stompers” for the Beard, and Under Armour created Steph Curry sneakers look like wannabe nurse shoes. I don’t think the executives at Nike are scared.

But opinions vary. We’re not fans of Adidas sneaker designs, or for that matter, this attempt at a signature Harden shoe. But you could disagree. Let us know. What’s your favorite basketball signature shoe of all-time? Personally, we think the Nike KD9s are killing the game right now.

The Worst Signature Sneaker Ever?

I put together a collage of four of the ugliest basketball shoes I’ve ever seen. My list includes these new James Harden signature sneakers by Adidas, Under Armour’s Curry shoe in white, a horrible version of the Iversons from Reebok, and the 90’s era Nike Barkleys. But we could be wrong.