NFL Scandal: Chiefs’ Abdullah Penalized for Praying


Holy S–t!

Chiefs S Husain Abdullah intercepted Patriots QB Tom Brady in the fourth quarter on Sunday’s game against New England to cap off a 41-14 victory. Normally, the final touchdown in a blowout would be a footnote in any post-game coverage. However, the NFL’s latest move to suppress a player’s personal beliefs deserves headlines. When Abdullah reached the end zone, he genuflected in prayer. The referees penalized the safety for “unsportsmanlike conduct…[by] going to the ground,” immediately. That’s right, the Chiefs received a 15-yard penalty for a player praising their religious leader in the end zone.

SBNation noted, Abdullah is a practicing Muslim. He fasts during Ramadan, even during NFL training camp. Abdullah missed the 2012 NFL season so he and his brother, former Broncos/Cardinals safety Hamza, could visit Mecca during the Hajj in October. This sounds awful. What a transgressor. He needs to punished to the fullest extent of NFL laws.

You Gotta to Be Kidding

The NFL led by Commissioner Roger Goodell is tyrannical. It has the nickname the “No Fun League” for a reason. At every step, it has successfully suppressed player individuality. Abdullah, a devout Muslim can’t express his religious belief in a peaceful gesture? Hell, players can’t even commemorate NFL Hall of Famers or charitable organizations on their uniforms.

If you’re too young to remember, in 2002 Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning, then a member of the Indianapolis Colts, wanted to honor the passing of Colts’ legend Johnny Unitas by wearing black high-tops. Manning asked Unitas’ family and they approved the tribute. He called Reebok and had three custom black high top football cleats made. He planned to wear the cleats in a game against the Dolphins. That’s until the NFL stepped in. The Seattle Times wrote:

The Colts, you see, don’t wear black shoes. They wear white shoes. And in the color-coded world of the NFL, where conformity matters, Manning wearing black high-tops would not be tolerated. If he chose to take the field with them on, he would face a “substantial” fine.

In 2014, Steelers’ William Gay chose to wear purple cleats through October to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and Mental Health. The NFL fined Gay for violating their uniform policy. New York Jets WR Brandon Marshall suffers from mental illness. The Bears wideout asked for permission to wear green cleats though October for Mental Health awareness. The league denied his requests repeatedly. Marshall was fined every time he wore non-approved cleats.

Permanent Record

Remember, NFL franchises have employed criminals. Current and former players with records include Bengal Pacman Jones, Cowboys’ Michael Irvin, Lawrence Phillips, Ray Lewis, Lawrence Phillips, and Michael Vick. Are you sensing a pattern? How is praying in the end zone equivalent to uniform and personal conduct violations? It’s not. NFL, get over yourself.

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