Hope Howard vs Josefine Forsberg, Who’s Hotter?


Hope Howard Likes Donuts

There are some questions that have no right answer. For example, who’s hotter in a contest between Hope Howard vs Josefine Forsberg. Not much has been written about the mysterious Hope Howard, but after one look at her stunning assets, I’m sure you’ll agree, Ms. Howard deserves a lot more ink. According to our crack research team, Howard is an International Federation of Bodybuilding Bikini Pro, Fitness Model, and donut connoisseur. I find the donut fascination hard to believe. I’m guessing the last time she ate a donut was before the turn of the century. Howard has been featured in Esquire and is a popular fixture on Instagram with nearly 300K followers. Hope, if you ever want a pleasant sit-down interview, First & Ten Sports is happy to oblige.


Swiss Miss Josefine Forsberg

Josefine Forsberg hails from Sweden, is a personal trainer and signed to IG Models. I would love to tell you more, but I can’t read Swedish. This Swedish minx also has a huge social media following, with nearly 500K followers on Instagram. So there you have it, two strong/talented fitness models and athletes looking to make bigger names for themselves. Who would you rather? Make sure to vote in our poll and remember, there is no wrong answer.

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